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Please take a look at our fantastic H2020 – SPIRE sister projects, and connect with them on LinkedIn to stay tuned for further news!


C2Fuel will develop sustainable CO2 conversion technologies for the displacement of fossils fuels emissions, through industrial symbiosis between carbon intensive industries, power production, and local economy.


COZMOS aims to provide breakthrough technology for the conversion of CO2 to fuels and chemical building blocks.


ECOCO2 aims to set up a CO2 conversion process using renewable electricity and water steam to directly produce synthetic jet fuels with balanced hydrocarbon distribution (paraffin, olefins and aromatics) to meet the stringent specifications in aviation.


MEMBERS aims to scale-up, manufacture and test advanced materials (membranes and sorbents) at TRL6 in novel membrane-based technologies that outperform current technology for pre- and post-combustion CO2 capture in power plants, as well as H2 generation with integrated CO2 capture.


CONVERGE aims to reduce the production cost of biodiesel to the level of fossil fuels while generating negative emissions. CONVERGE provides a 12 % more efficient production process compared to existing systems while reducing the cost of biodiesel by 10 %.