FeyeCon D&I is a process and product development company and global leader in CO₂ technology. Using its unique technology, FeyeCon D&I strives to achieve a clean and sustainable planet by combining research and development activities with a market driven approach.

FeyeCon D&I was founded in 2001 by the CEO, Dr. Geert Feye Woerlee, who developed influential carbon dioxide technology during his Ph.D. at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.

FeyeCon D&I has established expertise and intellectual property in many different industries and chemical processes including energy and renewables, catalysis and material science, (bio)polymers and composites, waste treatment and valorization, pulp and paper, bio-oils, as well as natural extracts and fibres. Currently FeyeCon D&I has branch offices in Europe, Asia and the USA and has developed successful partnerships with world-famous companies such as Nike, Ikea and many others. Due to the diverse and versatile nature of its CO₂ technology, FeyeCon D&I continues to develop new applications and products, striving to have a positive impact on as many industries as possible.

Website: www.feyecon.com

Contact: Farnaz Sotoodeh (farnaz.sotoodeh@feyecon.com)



FeyeCon D&I role in this project will be to utilise its expertise in utilizing CO2 technology to develop nanoparticles and optimise, scale up and integrate the CO2 hydrogenation reaction to DME from lab scale to an industrial pilot scale at TRL 5-6. FeyeCon D&I lead WP3 “Reaction optimization and process integration” activities.