ICI CALDAIE S.p.A. was founded in 1958 and currently it can be considered as a leading company of the heating generators keeping up with the technological evolution. The experience reached with the passing of the years has allowed the firm to transfer the know-how acquired in the planning and realization of industrial steam generators, a sector in which the firm occupies a leading position, to that of domestic and wall hung boilers.

Today ICI CALDAIE S.p.A. presents itself on the European market with a complete range of products: Every project is made by the R&D Department which is endowed with modern networked CAD stations; the preparation of the sub-assembled components is realised with laser cutters and numeric controlled machines; the perfect welding of the elements is ensured by modern robots and every single boiler is subjected to a severe test which certifies its reliability.

The development of new products, adequate to the everstricter European regulations as regards use and emissions, is entrusted to a R&D Department endowed with modern instruments to verify the reliability and output of the boilers. All the models produced are CE marked.

In 1993 the ICIM (Istituto di Certificazione Industriale per la Meccanica) certified the Quality System of ICI CALDAIE S.p.A. according to Italian, European and international standards UNI EN 29002 (IS0 9002); in June 2002 BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality ìnsurance) confers to ICI CALDAIE S.p.A. the ISO 9001/94 certification and in April 2004 the ISO 9001/00 certification. In 2012, ICI obtain ASME certification for heating boilers, power boilers and pressure vessels for the American market. In 2012 TUV confers ISO 14001 for environmental system. In 2013 TUV renewed ISO 9001/08. In 2014 TUV confers OHSAS 18001 for health and safety system.

Website: https://www.icicaldaie.com/

Contact: Martino Righetti (martino.righetti@icicaldaie.com)



ICI Caldaie is mainly involved in WP3 “Reaction optimisation and process integration”, its role in the project is related to the integration of the system.