SOLIDERA is an international group of companies, leader in the field of SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cell) technologies and manufacturer of BlueGEN, the world’s most efficient micro-CHP (combined heat and power) appliance. Founded at the end of 2006 in Italy, it has rapidly developed into today’s corporation with branches also in Germany, Switzerland and Australia after the important acquisitions of HTceramix SA and Ceramic Fuel Cells GmbH in 2007 and 2015.

SOLIDERA is a continuously growing team and operates two manufacturing plants for the production of m-CHP systems and fuel cell stacks and a highly qualified R&D department focusing on product-improvements and new applications for the technology. In this regard, the team has already developed and tested a 10 kW system for application in data centers and takes part in different projects for the development of new commercial solutions based on SOFC technology, such as the production of hydrogen and electricity for hydrogen refueling stations.

SOLIDERA’s primary aim is to bring fuel cell m-CHPs and other solutions to the mass market and is increasingly investing in the scaling-up of the production capacity and further technical improvement of their technology platform in order to guarantee a continuous cost reduction and be able to offer ready-commercial products at competitive prices. With more than 1000 units already installed and the development of state-of-theartn fuel cell solutions, SOLIDERA commits to contributing in first line to the energy transition of Europe.

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SOLIDERA is mainly involved in WP2 “CO2 utilisation reaction for DME production, novel proof of concept”, its role in the project is related to the development of the SOC stack to be integrated in WP3 “Reaction optimisation and process integration”.